Uploading a Storyline Screencast to Youtube ...

Happy 2013 Articulators!!!!

I am sure it is because I have been working for too long at a stretch, but I cannot figure out how to upload a Storyline screencast to youtube. My problem is that I cannot seem to find an Mp4 file or any other format that youtube will accept to upload. 

I am able to save my screencast with the publish option, and I can also zip those screencast files. However, youtube accepts none of these options. I also tried "extracting" the video from those folders but youtube did not accept those files either. 

I found this link but that explains how I can upload a screencast using another software (Jing):  http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/17787/100354.aspx#100354. However, I don't think downloading a new software is the answer. Is it?

Can anyone help me out please with a tutorial that I can follow or maybe some (very clear) directions.

Thanks so much eLearning heroes!!!!


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Avery William

Hi Phil,

I am unable to follow your directions because of my own technical limitations 

What does "insert it as a single video" mean? What does the "it" refer to? I went to the insert tab but could not find what you were talking about. 

As for right clicking the timeline, I was able to find the timeline at the bottom of the slide in the slide view, but there was no "export video" option in that drop down menu. 

I found this article tutorial which says basically the same thing you are saying, but I was unable to follow it either: http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/exporting-screen-recordings.aspx (not a good way to start my week!)

I am sorry to need some hand-holding, but could you give me just a little more information please? 

Thanks so much!!!!