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Previously we used Adobe Presenter. We are now using Storyline. I noticed a big difference when content was uploaded to our Connect LMS. The slide count, course duration, max score and the ability to edit most of these fields are not applicable for all courses originally created using Storyline. Do you have any quick tips to fix the issue? The second image shows the same course (English and French); English using Adobe Presenter, French using Storyline. Do you have plans to make these options available when using Storyline? I apologize if this question has been asked and answered. I'm running short on time to complete my projects and definitely want the users to have a great experience when taking the training as well as the reporting and tracking aspects of the new course layout. Thanks

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Ren Gomez

Hi Shiela,

Thanks for reaching out! I'm not familiar with Connect LMS, but you may want to experiment with your reporting and tracking options in Storyline and see if you can get the outcome you're looking for.

You can also test your file in a different environment, such as SCORM Cloud, to see if the course is reporting correctly there. Our support engineers would be happy to lend you a hand if you're able to share it!

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