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It's been a while since I've been here.  The client I'm working for wants to set up a screening process.  I told them that Storyline would be a great tool to use.  Bottom line is they want to have a video of a sign language interpreter at a doctor's office signing what the doctor is saying to a deaf patient.  The video is short - maybe a minute or two.

After the video is done, the user will then answer questions about what was interpreted (like a quiz).

I made a Storyline mock-up for this client a while back.  It's not the same scenario, but the point is I could make a nice video and then quiz for them.  Here is the mock-up:


Here is the big thing I need to know if Storyline has this capability.  After the ASL screening quiz as explained above is completed, the user will then be taken to "part 2" of the screening process.

A video will play of a deaf person signing.  What I need to know is, can Storyline allow the user to press a button and as the user speaks and interprets the video they are watching, the person's voice is recorded by Storyline?  Then, when the person is done, the audio recording can be uploaded and viewed by my clients to screen and see if this person did a good job translating the deaf person in the video.

To re-cap, the person sees a screen saying "press this button to record your voice, then start the video of deaf person signing."  When that happens, they're mic is now live.  They press the play button and the video starts and they start translating the deaf person signing in the video.

When the video ends, they press "stop recording" then "upload" and the voice recording is uploaded, where my client can retrieve the recording to listen to it.

Please advise.

Thank you.

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Patti Bryant


I am 99% sure (if I'm wrong, someone will respond to correct me, I'm sure) that there is no such function within Storyline. I saw a similar thread months ago where someone wanted learners to be able to upload a document for review. 

There's a few ways that you might could still do this with outside functionality although it wouldn't be seamless. The first thing that comes to my mind is embed a web object of an audio recorder. I did a quick search and the first thing that popped up was Vocaroo. If you embed the Vocaroo site on the same slide that the video lives on, they could record while they watch. However, there would need to be an upload process like "Save the sound file and then upload it to this folder or email it to this email address". 

I'm sure others will have ideas, but that's a first thought.

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