Uploading huge html course in one story?!

Sep 03, 2018

I'm working on a course that I want to publish it in html5 format and sharing it via a WordPress site. because my course has multiple slides consisting of various types of multimedia contents like videos, pictures, voices, etc it is a really huge course (The whole course is about 1000 MB) ...  as I know it's not reasonable to load 1000Mb and then start that course , I want to know if storyline HTML published file does load each slide of the entire course separately or it just load the entire course? 

And if you were me what was your recommendation to do that? 

Sorry for my poor English :(

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Max Maxer

I don't know what do you mean when you say "...load the slides individually". By the way, Thank you for your brilliant idea.  but, as I have a lot of pictures and voices in my course I need to know in Storyline 3 which one happens when you upload a 1000Mb course into a host :

1) all 1000Mb course start to load and when it finishes user can use the first slide. [ That is very sad because the user should wait a lot of time to start his/her course ]

2) The slides load one after another until the last slide, for example, The first slide starts to load and when loading the first slide finishes the user can see the course (Can see and use the first slide) at the same time and when the user is interacting with the first slide the second slide is loading, when that is finished it tries to load the third slide until the entire course is loaded...

3) It loads only the slide that is triggered to run .for example slide one load. the user starts interacting with slide 1, meanwhile, nothing more is loading. but when the user clicks to go to the second slide it loads slide 2. 

Which one is what Storyline does?

Any comment or idea is extremely appreciated. 



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