Uploading my Published for Web Content to my Website from Storyline 2-Help!

Hello Fellow Designers!

I recently was at LSCON '16 and decided it was high time to begin an online portfolio of my work. I attended a Tim Slade "How To Start a Portfolio" session and it was inspiring, to say the least.  

So far I have done the following:

-I purchased a domain name (from GoDaddy).

-I acquired hosting and a WordPress site (all from GoDaddy).

-I selected the DemoFest project created in Storyline 2 I shared at LSCON and published for the web.

Here is where things get sticky and I need your help.

I select FTP from the view output choices as seen below:


Then I fill in the required information:

Server and Port

*To get my information to fill in the server name, UN and PW/Port I went to my GoDaddy hosting management dashboard.  For the server, I put the IP address given in the DNS tab of the dashboard. 

*I am not sure how to fill in the directory!  This might be the problem.  

Then...I get this messaged after about a minute:


Huh? I called GoDaddy and they helped me add a File Manager widget to my WordPress site to work around this FTP share from Storyline but it didn't work either.

This leaves me needing your expertise:

1. Do you know what might be wrong?

2. Do I need to get a separate Articulate licence for my private computer to share a scrubbed version of this project to my website (portfolio) because maybe my work laptop has firewalls that block me from this FTP share?

-I am a novice at this and just want to share the nuts and bolts of my projects on my online portfolio.  I am aware anything proprietary from my current employer should be eliminated/scrubbed. 

I appreciate any advice, direction you can provide.  




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Ashley Chiasson

I'm going to suggest that your directory be more specific or you'll end up with a mess in your FTP client, and overwriting story.html files each time you upload a new one. For example /Project1/story.html - then, it will create a new folder.

As for the message, I think this is a godaddy question; typically, the address is your main domain, and then your godaddy-provided user id and password. I will say that I've heard (from some web developer pals) that godaddy is not the best with their customer support, so you might have to ask a few times before you get the information you're looking for.

If this approach works, once you get the godaddy information sorted out, I think you're fine to upload from this computer. Ethically, you might want to consider using a personal computer to upload personal content, and if you're using portfolio pieces from a current place of employment, you will want to ask your employer for permission to share content, and discuss with them how much scrubbing would be required; different employers have different guidelines when it comes to sharing content for portfolios (e.g. I was unable to share any of my work within the defence sector because everything was classified as Controlled Goods, so all proprietary information had to be scrubbed, but then other clients have allowed me to use screenshots from their projects, and others have allowed me to share entire chunks of their projects in storyline...so it really depends).

You can also download a 30-day trial of Storyline on your personal computer and bang out a bunch of portfolio pieces within that time, but if you plan on doing more work (for other clients), you'll want to purchase a license for sure because it will definitely pay off.

Emily Pfeiffer

Thank you, Ashley! Your demos were helpful as well. I will absolutely get the trial on my home PC and then bang it out.  I think that I have the directory thing figured out (needs to be more specific).  This website is more portfolio based and I will update as I have stuff to showcase.  However, for the time being, I can get started with the SL trial.  Thank you very much!

Mohammad  Hassam

Hello Emily,

It was pleasure to meet with you at DEMOFEST. The LSCON 16 was great!!!

If I understood correctly, the issue here is to access the File Manager of your web server. If yes, then I suggest to install FileZilla (Client version) in your laptop. It is a file management tool to access your Web site's server via FTP.

It will not only give you an access the entire directory of the webserver but will help you to  manage the folders. 

Try that :https://filezilla-project.org/

I am using this for a while and saved my time alot.

You now need to publish your project as Web in Articulate Storyline2 and drag the folder to the Webserver.



Amanda Allen

Hi everyone! If I may, I'd like to tag onto this post. I have a WP site and have downloaded and connected Filezilla to my site. Now I am stuck as to what to do next...

Which folder in my site directory should I upload to? wp-content? Do I need a plug-in to share the files in a new post on my site? Not only do I want to share the published file, I want to be able to write a blog post on my WP site and allow viewers to launch the content from there. Here's my site if a visual helps: ignitelearning.net

Ashley Terwilliger

Oh no, Kristen! Sorry to hear that. I'm not sure if Amanda is still subscribed here, as the post is a bit older - but you could always use the "contact me" button on a ELH users' profile to reach out to them directly! 

You may also want to share a bit more about the roadblock you've run into in case other users come across this discussion and could help! 

Amanda Allen

Hi Kristen: Yes, I finally figured it out. I used Filezilla and with the help of my hosting provider (Siteground) I was able to connect the two. Then, I upload my files into the public html folder using Filezilla. I use my site url + the folder path and just create a new post using Wordpress (i.e. http://www.ignitelearning.net/pehsu/marijuana/story_html5). So I have my site url, PEHSU (which is the folder within public html) then marijuana is another subfolder and then story.html5 is the file extension. I downloaded a free Launch icon and just hyperlink the icon with the url to my project. I hope this makes sense. If not, please feel free to contact me directly.