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Peter Anderson

Hey Sara

To upload a course to YouTube, you would need to record a video of your course using a screen capture program, such as Screenr (http://screenr.com/) or even Storyline itself, and then upload the resulting movie to YouTube, which would eliminate any interactivity. 

The following blog article describes how you might accomplish this goal (it mentions Presenter, but the same should apply for Storyline):

And here's an example of a short presentation on YouTube:

Nancy Moral

I did not know how to get the recorded video to be changed to an MP4 file so I can upload it to Youtube.  This is the process:

You can export a copy of your screen recordings as MP4 movies,

Method 1:  Use the Insert Slides Window
The easiest way to access the Insert Slides dialog for managing screen recordings is to click the drop-down arrow at the bottom of the Record Screen button, which is on the Home tab if you're in Story View and on the Insert tab in both Story View and Normal View.  Then select the recording you want to export.

 When the screen recording that you selected opens in the Insert Slides dialog, do either of the following:

Export movie:  To export a copy of the screencast as an MP4 movie, right-click the preview area of the window, and select Export movie.