Uploading SCORM file to storyline module

Hi There, 

I've never been asked to do this so unsure if it's even possible. 

My manager sent me a file (see attached) and explained it was a video that he wanted added to a storyline file so we could upload to articulate online. 

I have tried uploading almost every part of what he sent with no luck. 

If anyone has a spare moment, would they be able to take a look and see if it's even possible. 

Cheers and thanks in advance :) 

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Katie Riggio

Hello Rebeca!

Thank you for reaching out and sharing the LMS package for a closer look.

Right now, there isn't a way import published output into Storyline or convert it into an editable file. You'll need the source .story file to open the course and make edits.

Does your manager have the original source file from this output? Could pulling the media files that are present in the published SCORM package work? Check out this quick demo.