Uploading Storyline HTML Output to SharePoint 2013

Hello all,

This is more of a SharePoint question than a Storyline question, but I'm hoping someone here may have experienced the same issue.

When uploading the folder structure from a Storyline web publish to a SharePoint asset library, SharePoint 2013 now creates a separate folder for every video file. You can see the difference in the folder structures in the two attached screenshots.

Since the folder structure is changed, the module will not run correctly because the videos are in the wrong folder. Oddly, this doesn't seem to be an issue in Chrome, as the module runs fine. But in IE, the player renders, but the video doesn't play.

Unfortunately if you move the videos out of the video folders back into the content folder, SharePoint just puts them back into another newly created video folder. (that's why you see so many video folders in the screenshot)

Has anyone dealt with this issue? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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