Uploading Storyline to moodle, does it have to be a SCORM export

I'm probably a little clueless, so forgive me if the following doesn't make sense. 

I have created a storyline course (it launches a bunch of web objects internally) anyway, I want to upload it to moodle. I have exported it as an HTML file.

a.) Can I upload the exported Storyline HTML course to moodle?

b.) If I had to export it as a Scorm file, does using a  Scorm file mean its Flash file? (my understanding is Scorm allows us to track users engagement via an LMS like moodle and is flash) 

c.) OR can the Scorm file be HTML? I don't care about the ability to track the user's engagement if we had to lose that and don't want to use flash.


Any help would be amazing.

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