Uploading to your host

A question for an experience web developer:

I have recently published my own website and in the process I was required to change a filename to the "index" file. There were 4 published HTML root folder files that I believe should be the index files, due to selecting the HTML5 and Mobile Player options when publishing.

Root html files: story.html, story_html5.html, story_unsupported.html, ioslaunch.html

I have currently renamed the html files in the root folder to:

              index.html, index_html5.html, index_unsupported.html, ioslaunch.html

The problem is that it appears only to be running on PC but not on mobile devices. My host (godaddy) said it was because the flash player is the first thing loading on the site. I think the problem lies in the device not being directed to the correct format for display.

Please advise the correct way to rename the files if the above way is incorrect.

Thank you for your help

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