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Michael Goertz

Hi Phil,

thanks for answering that fast.

I want to show a word e.g. mouse, instead of showing the result percentage at the end of the quiz in the result slide.

For every correct answered question I will deliver a letter :

question 1 correct = m
question 2 correct = o

and so on; if the leaner answered all questions correctly he will receive all letters for the word mouse.
If he failed one answer there should be one letter missing e.g. m

Phil Mayor

You will need to track a variable for each question. E.g.

M = varM

O = VarO

I would use true/false variables with an initial state of false, on each correct layer set a trigger to adjust corresponding variable to true on timeline start.

Then on the results slide have a textbox for each letter set the  initial state for all to hidden.

Add a trigger to change the state of each letter to normal if the corresponding variable is equal to true, on timeline start

That would work