Urgent!!! Can't retry test on IPad

Hi... another issue in the damn ipad

When the user completes the quiz and suspend i have a button to go to a slide with a menu

in that button i have two triggers

Reset results and go the slide

When i return to the test ir enters in review mode and i cannot select the answers.... so i can't do again the test

In web works fine

May be the solution is to reset every quizz slide to the inital state?

Yes, it works but then fails the review of answer... it marks which is the correct but does not mark your answer and the screen have a weird blink in every slide.

So, reset is a half solution...

The coourse is running in Moodle... may be using scorm 2004 can help...

any suggestions?

Please, help... i really need a solution. 


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Andrew Knowles

Hi Juan,

I dont know about ipad (never done a publish to them) but for online stuff i've used a trigger like the following to reset the quiz - you need to point it at the results slide and it should reset to the intial state. If you dont have a result slide - then add one in its own scene and point it at your questions bank so that you can reset them. Also make sure any reset triggers are first in the triggers list before navigating away - otherwise i dont think they fire. Also for good measure I add a restart course trigger too - dunno if that would help you.

Juanjo Haro

Steve, the problem is that i need to resume to set the indicators of what is done.

Andrew, in web works fine until i activate the rest in the quiz slides, then fails the Review slides.

I have a reset results in the button where you can return to the menu of the course, this trigger is located after the jump to the menu slide.

I have a result slides but i don't understand what means that this " and point it at your questions bank"

I can't understand why in web works but not in Ipad... after everystep i do, it fails in the damn ipad something and with these results my boss will never buy this software and i, if i continue in my job, must to write the courses in html5 wich i don't know nothing, so you can figure hoe desperate i'm :(

Sam Carter


I have found that many Storyline features that work in Flash do not work in iPad/Safari which is the only place that HTML5 is required.  

The only way forward that I have found reliable is to do all testing in HTML5.  If it works there, it has a high likelihood of working in Flash.

Note that the Storyline "Preview" option provides flash viewing, not  HTML5 viewing.  You can take steps to view HTML5 on a desktop by publishing and changing the browser's default-flash URL story.html to story_html5.html.

This is very cumbersome but if you are under the gun and need to get the job done, this will more than double your testing time but it is the only way I know to get the right results on both platforms, flash and HTML5.

The Articulate Mobile Player (AMP) is another option, but not one that supports SCORM Learning Management Systems, and it does require installing a player app on the iPad.  Something easy to do on a personal iPad, but difficult on a corporate iPad.

Juanjo Haro

Buff... these is bad news to me cause the client wants to have these cuorses running on the damn IPad...

Yesterday i've installed the demo with the update 2 with the hope that issues with solve. Now it works on ipad 2 but this issue is still the same... can't retry test unless i reset every slide wich affect to the reviw too...

I must doing something wrong, cause i think is not normal that one of the main featutes of Articulate does not work on html5.