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Nicole Legault

Hi there Teejay, 

The above screen shot seems to of a Tabs Interaction built in Articulate Studio '09 which is an older version of our Studio software, (which is different software than Storyline altogether). You could build out something very similar to this using Storyline, but you would need to use shapes, text and probably layers, and it would take a lot longer. 

Are you able to get your hands on Articulate Studio '09? That's the tool that was used to create that interaction...

Hope this helps!

Nicole Legault


Here's a link to download the free trial for Studio '09 (30 day trial): http://www.articulate.com/downloads/studio-09/

You actually only need the Engage tool to create this interaction. Here's a step by step tutorial for how to create the Tabs interaction: http://www.articulate.com/support/engage-09/tabs

Michael Hinze

Looking at the player controls, it seems this is NOT a Storyline project but an Articulate Engage interaction. You can certainly create an interaction like this from scratch in Storyline (four buttons, that each show a layer with more information), but you might also want to browse these templates here (http://community.articulate.com/downloads/g/storyline/default.aspx) especially this tab template here (http://community.articulate.com/downloads/p/117251.aspx) looks like it may work for your needs.