Urgent help requested - Save doesn't Save

Oct 13, 2013


I'm not sure if this forum is the right place to go with this problem. I have a project which contains a screencast video that works perfectly in Storyline on my PC, but when I publish it as a web version or to Articulate Online, the video ends abruptly in the middle and jumps to the next slide. I've gone so far as re-recording the entire screencast, yet get the same results--it works fine when I preview it on my PC, but not when I publish it.

Not only is Storyline not publishing updates, it's not saving them, either. While it will go through the "motions" of being saved, if I close and then re-open the newly saved file, none of the changes are there. I've given each attempt at saving a new file name. There will be a file with the new name each time, so it's doing something, but the contents don't reflect the updates that had been made.

I did receive an error message during a save and was prompted to send an error report to Articulate, which I did. Hopefully that will shed some light when you look at it on your end? Once I approved sending the error report, Storyline automatically shut down.

I thought it might have something to do with cache or something, so I've rebooted, run Windows troubleshooter, etc. and also tried launching the latest version of it on Articulate Online using other computers. None of it made a difference. I also had other people launch it from Articulate Online on their PC's, Macs and iPads to see if it would work for them. It didn't.

I'm out of ideas and out of time. My prototype is due in less than 24 hours. I could really use some help...and quickly!



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joy! Sorry to hear that you are having such a time. Just a few things that I can run by you:

Be sure that you are working on your local drive

If it's just one file, perhaps you should import into a new project

If you are having problems with multiple files or Storyline in general, then you can check out this troubleshooting.

If you have any difficulty with this or would like to work with our support team, you can upload your .story file to them here.

Joy McGinty

Sharon, thanks a lot for weighing in, as well. I double-checked the timeline and it does go all the way to the end.

Since my initial post, I've noticed that when viewing the published version, if I refresh the screen and then click on the player timeline ahead of the cut-off point, it will play for awhile longer and then cut the video off again further down the line. Once again, if I refresh, play again and click ahead of the second cut point, it will play through to the end. It's very strange. Something is happening during the publishing.

I've tried redoing the video screencast several times, thinking it's that file, but it does this with every version. I'll try importing it to a fresh file, as Leslie suggested, and hope that makes a difference.

I really appreciate that you took the time to respond. I love this user community!

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