urgent help with storyline triggers


I'm pretty new in content development and this is my 2nd time using articulate storyline but I cant seem to get the triggers to work right  this time...

Some of slides work well on their own but just wont interact when I try to preview as a project.

I really need help here as I'm supposed to be showing my clients something tomorrow. I have tried my hardest, moved the slides around, deleted and re done slides, rechecked slide and player triggers without any luck.

Please can you take a look at the project?

How do I send you the source files?

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Tim Hillier


It is tough to help you fix this without knowing exactly what is supposed to be happening that is not working.

In a quick glance through, there are many issues that need to be fixed to make this go the way I think you are wanting it to work.  Pretty much each slide has issues.  This is the way you learn though so let us know how we can help.

If there are specific questions on specific slides let us know.


blair parkin

Hi Temisan

One of the first issues I see is that on alot of your slides you are using the Next button to display layers, but you also have the slides set to advance automatically. I would create buttons or shapes to click on to show the layers and have the slide to advance when the user clicks Next. That should fix most of the problems you are having.

More info on triggers and layers

Slides advancing

Hope this helps


Temisan Gambo

Thanks for taking time out to look.

The project is pretty simple for now really, I just need the slides to advance one after the other there is only 1 branching scenario in slide 1.8 which I haven't been able to preview because the scene isn't working well to that point. This isn't a full course project yet... I just want a demo for the client using content they are familiar with. no plans to go beyond 12 slides for now. I did something similar before and it worked.

The 1st  issue is I don't understand why slide 1.2  and 1.10 wont play well either on its own and in the project.

I initially had a lot of the slides and layers set to advance automatically but changed them to user click next triggers in one of my attempts at fixing dis. I've tried so many combinations really.

I'm loving this getting my hands dirty period but ..... the 1st project was so easy ...

I'll try some of your suggestions and hope it gets better.

Update soon

thanks again

Temisan Gambo

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the previous tips.. I applied them n they worked. I am however still having some difficulty.

i.e. the previous and next buttons wont work (pauses instead)... tried every thing I can think of without luck. what am I doing wrong with the navigation? Can's navigate via the menu bar either(attempts to navigate via the menu bar freezes the course.

I want slide 3 to play automatically before the user clicks the play button. I'd like some of the slides to play/ advance automatically.

its still a work in progress but I would most appreciate your suggestions/tips at this time.

Thank you

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Temisan,

I'm able to use the previous/next buttons without any pause and use the menu bar. What browser are you viewing the published output in? I tried it in Google Chrome (Version 28.0.1500.95 m) and Internet Explorer 10 without any issues. 

For the slide 3 to advance automatically, you can set the trigger on the media to play when the timeline begins instead of when the user clicks. I've included an image below of what this would look like. 

Let us know if you need anything else!