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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sandy.  I couldn't reproduce this behavior with a simple course hosted in SCORM Cloud.  Let me grab some details about your setup:

  • Which LMS do you use?  Is there any difference in SCORM Cloud?
  • What triggers completion of your course (quiz, slides viewed, completion trigger)?
  • What are your output settings when you publish?  SCORM version?

Of course, if you'd like to share your .story file here, I'm happy to test it on my end!  If it's sensitive, feel free to use this private link.

RECO Education

I am using Moodle 2.7. I publish with SCORM 1.2 as the LMS output options. I publish as HTML5 only. I set up my completion as a quiz slide. My reporting tracking is Complete/Incomplete. I haven't tested on SCORM cloud yet.

Have you seen this before? I only started experiencing this issue when converting from Storyline 2 to 360.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sandy,

We haven't seen this before, and there doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary with your publish settings. We'd love to dig in and find out what's going on!

With your permission, I'd like our Support Engineers to investigate what's happening in your file. You can share it with the team privately by uploading it here. They'll delete it when they are done troubleshooting.