Urgent: Scripts and Embed


I'm testing two links from Kaltura to see its compatibility in Storyline 2. Purpose is to see how closed captioning and transcripts work in Storyline 2.

I got 2 links - 1 script and 1 iframe embed. I can easily insert the iframe embed in Storyline 2 - it works but doesn't show the searchable transcripts. I fail to insert the script to make the transcripts available. Here's the script:

<script src="http://cdnapi.kaltura. com/p/1404591/sp/140459100/ embedIframeJs/uiconf_id/ 27359112/partner_id/1404591? autoembed=true&entry_id=1_ 4gbc0ize&playerId=kaltura_ player_1418409053&cache_st= 1418409053&width=560&height= 395&flashvars[streamerType]= auto"></script> 


Does any one has any experience on this or can assist me on how to insert this script into Storyline? A prompt response will be greatly, greatly, greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Your link contains spaces in between that shouldn't be there. Other than that, the URL seems ok. To use it in Storyline you will need to copy the script to a folder on your hard drive, then embed the folder via a hidden web object, note down the fixed path to the webobject folder after publish, then call the script via a JS trigger and make use of a function.

Hope this helps,