URGENT Tin Can API Question

We currently use SCORM Cloud as our LMS. We are looking at using Storyline and publishing for Tin Can API.  The things we want to track are as follows:

  1. What pages a user visits
  2. What buttons the user clicks on those pages
  3. The amount of time spent per page
  4. What PDF's/resource documents are downloaded
  5. What choices a user makes on quiz questions
  6. If they didn't get a question right first time, what answer did they choose
  7. What was the user's final answer, and was it correct or incorrect
  8. Did they reach a passing score
  9. How much time did they spend in the course

Which of the above can be accomplished using storyline "out of the box"?
Can the other metrics be communicated using some custom coding? If so, how can that be accomplished? Do you know anyone with those skills?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Christopher -- Thanks for reaching out! I understand that you are working with one of our Sr. Support Engineers in a case currently, but I did want to stop in and share this information on Implementing Tin Can to Support Articulate Content for anyone else who encounters this post and may find it useful. :)