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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebekah,

I see that Miker did some further testing on your course and shared:

After further review, it appears the "Submit interaction" trigger always go to the next slide in the series when used. For example: 

Slide 1.9 is using Submit interaction to go to the Result slide which is slide 1.8. However, there is a Slide 1.10. Instead of going to Slide 1.8, clicking on the button with submit interaction will bring the slide to slide 1.10. 

To workaround the issue, I've moved the slides that needs to go to the Result Slide into a different scene. This should effectively execute the trigger to jump to the Result Slide after processing the submit interaction trigger. 

It looks like he also sent you a link to another version of your published output. 

Emalyn Lim

Hi, I have a case where by, my course is which ever button user click leads to different scene. And I have to show what user previously selected in Print Result. It is a Pick One type of Quiz.

Currently, I applied "submit interaction" to all 3 button's trigger for which ever button user click will be tracked. 

But now it seems it always jump to the next slide.

Is there a work around?

Emalyn Lim

Hi Ashley,

Yes I did. I place 'submit interaction' above of 'jump to next slide when user click on button'.

At the moment i found temporary solution which is to put an extra empty slide after the interaction slide. Which means whichever user click will lead to the empty slide. From there only jump to respective slide by tracking the variable.

Hopefully the team would have a better solution for this.

Thanks and regards,


Emily Ruby

Hello Emalyn!

I saw in your previous post you wanted to track this using a Print Results feature. In order to do this you will need to add a results slide for tracking the Pick one, and allow the user to print results. Once this is added, it will show the user's answer in the results screen.

As you have a trigger set to jump to the next slide under the submit interaction, this will cause them to jump to the next slide. The submit is done prior to the jump.

I did test this in the SCORM Cloud and got the print results to show which button was selected.

If this is not the way you wanted it tracked, let me know.