urgent ! Web Objects do not display in a slide -replacec main

Jul 03, 2013

Ok ,I have been using articulate for a long time, and recently updated the a storyline to the latest version and here is the problem:

1.totally blank slide

2.insert-> webobject

3. navigate to the folder where the webobject is located

4. display "in slide" option

5. how would you like the webobject to behave - how should this object behave - ticked or not no options are available

6. nevermind click ok

test project --result:

slide loads atomatically and REPLACES the ARTICULATE SLIDE with the webobject

it supposed to display within a slide.

Can you help please?

It used to work in the V1 articulate

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Mehdi!

I apologize, but I'm having a little trouble understanding what's happening. When you say the web object "replaces the slide", what do you mean exactly? Is it too large and covering up the slide? Is it covering up other elements, or?

Any chance you could provide a Screenr of the problem, so I can get a better idea of what's happening? Please try to record the steps you're taking when you run into this issue and show where you're having this problem (are you seeing this after publishing and uploading to a web server, LMS, CD, while previewing, etc.).


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