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Ali Goulet

Hey Isabella,

Sorry you're hitting this roadblock! It sounds as though the file may have been corrupted so let's see if we can get it recovered. The first thing I'd try is importing all your slides into a new file. If you're still receiving an error message when you try that,  there may still be a working version of your project in your temp files. Here's how to check: 

1) Open this folder in Windows Explorer: %appdata%\Articulate\Storyline 

2) Scan the contents of this folder for a file that starts with the name of your project. If you find one, copy it to your desktop. If you find more than one, copy the latest version to your desktop. 

3) Change the file extension of the copy on your desktop from *.tmp to *.story. 

4) Double-click the file to open it in Storyline. 

File corruption is unpredictable, and there's no straightforward way to determine what causes it. Common causes are environmental (disk errors, power outages, improper shutdowns), viruses, failed Windows updates, and even file size (i.e., very large files have a higher risk of corrupting). You may want to consider the preventative measures described in this article to protect your project files.

Keep me posted on how that goes!