URL button issue

Nov 07, 2013

Is there a setting or different button type that will allow links to the URL once the course is published instead of caching the destination file as it is packaged?  Are we missing something?


Running SCORM course.  A link and a button, each pointing to a different URL, opened the exact same PDF file.


Articulate packages the URL files INTO THE SCORM COURSE (cached in directory “<coursetitle>\story_content\external_files\") instead of maintaining the button as a URL link in the published course.   Additionally, regardless of the URL file path, if the file at the end has the same name as a file referred to by another button, the first file packaged will save to the 'external_files' directory, but sequential external files with the same name cannot write to the same [cache] directory.  We did not see an error when the file failed to write to the directory during SCORM packaging. 

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