URL - Survey Monkey in articulate not working

Jan 01, 2013


I have designed a module to email out to clients which has a URL in it linked to a Survey Monkey survey.

It works fine on my computer, however when I publish and email the file it doesnt work.  What might I be doing incorrectly?  I have published the file as a a web and CD format - neither seem to work :(.



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Peter Anderson

Hi Adrienne!

Hyperlinks sometimes only work once the project has been uploaded to its intended environment. For example, if you published the course for web, you'd want to upload it to your website for the hyperlinks to work. It sounds to me like the hyperlinks are failing when you try to test the content locally due to security or browser restrictions. Try getting your project into its intended environment and see if that helps. Thanks, and let us know how it goes!

Jeff Blasdell

I added a survey to a module that is published in our LMS. The same module includes a 2 other surveys. Those  2 other surveys were accessed by longing into the course where as this newest survey was send to a group as the URL inside an email. The 2 original ones worked fine. The new url one seemed to work fine but I cannot find the results of the survey answers.

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