URLs in the Resources section change when I publish the course

Jan 27, 2015

I am using publish for CD to demonstrate my course developed in Storyline. The majority of URL links are working within the main course and in the Resources section. However one of the Resurce links is changing when I publish.

The URL is


I can add it as a resource, test the link and it works fine. Then I publish the course for CD and the link doesn't work. Looking in articulate the URL has changed to be


and no longer works. All my other URL links are still working.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Barbara Moye

I know, its strange. Maybe there is something particualr about the url?

 I have tried reinserting the URL several times. I did enter it without the http:// and when I Test the page its updated automatically to include the http://

It's only after I have published and go back to the Resources that the link has changed again to start http://http// etc

Barbara Moye

Hi Ashley

I have been working on a shared network drive, so have now saved it to my C drive to work on. Thanks for explaining that. I am on Storyline 1 update 8.

The problem is still occurring though it's not when I publish but when I close the Player Resources box down.
So in Player>Resources I enter this URL in the URL field
Test the url and it works, save it and close the dialog box down. If I reopen the Resources box again the URL has been corrupted with an additional http:// in front of it.

I have tried deleting the resource, copying the url into notepad to ensure it is in plain text and re-entering it but still get the same result.
I tried creating a tinyurl link but when I close the Resources box that converts the URL and has the same error.

Maybe this website just doesn't want to feature in my course :(

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Barbara,

Working off a network drive could cause lingering issues even once it's moved to a local drive, so you'll want to try that in a brand new file to see if the URL is still causing difficulty. You could also look at importing it into a new file as that can often resolve the issues with working off a network drive. 

If you're seeing the behavior on a new file, you'll want to take a look at going through the repair detailed here. 

I tested the link in a Storyline 1 file and reopening the player or revisiting the resource section I don't see the change in the URL - so I'd suggest looking into all those elements. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christa,

Are you using the steps here to link files into the Resource tab? See this note:

When you publish, Storyline will bundle a copy of the file along with your course content. (It'll be located in the story_content folder of your published output.)

Learners will need the appropriate software to view attached resources. For example, they'll need Microsoft Word to open Word documents.

If you're seeing an issue with the files, can you share a bit more about what's happening? 

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