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I am still using articulate Storyline 1. But maybe the same problem exist in Storyline 2 and Articulate can look into this.

Problem 1.

Using iphone 5c. we are viewing a page that has a layer. the layer displays video. What iphone  does is full screen the video and neglect any buttons or text on that layer. ( maybe that is a iphone thing). But here is the problem. I have put a trigger on the video to close the layer when media is complete. However, when me is complete the scene goes black and user has to manually press  the done (iphon's Done button) to close the layer.   This intermediate action does not happen for slides that have  video and jump to another slide upon video completion.  It only happens on slides with layers.

So I am getting two different actions which will confuse user and therefore yield a bad UX design.

My workaround solution:

I will make omit the layers and make slides instead. It will mess up with the design and I will end up with extra pages codes telling the slides to jump back and forth.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ahssan, 

You may find that videos expand to fill the screen when viewed in mobile Safari on iPhones.

This is expected behavior. Mobile Safari automatically scales videos to fit the screens of smaller devices, such as iPhones. (See Apple's developer documentation for details.)

If you need to avoid this behavior, we recommend viewing courses with videos on larger screens, such as iPads, laptops, and desktop computers. Or, create a simplified version of the course that doesn't include videos for iPhone users.

Hope that helps clarify! 

ahssan moshref

Hi Ashley thanks for the reply but I don't have an issue with the video expanding automatically.

Let me explain the problem step by step.

1. I have videos open in a slide.

2. I have videos open in layers.

3. They all go full screen.

4. They all have a trigger saying when media completes,  go to next slide, scene or hide the existing media  layer and display the Slide underneath it.

5. The above trigger works for Slides but not for layers. When a media completes on a layers, the triggers don't act. And user is forced to user the default Apple "Done" button.

So same interface design, same trigger, same medium but two different outcomes. The end-user will not know if he is looking at a layer or slide. the user will make the assumption that the video will automatically disappear and the next page will appear. The user will make this assumption because of the experience interacting with the one interface.

As for your recommendation of "viewing courses with videos on larger screens". I am designing a service design solution for the end-users who will access our course using mobile devices. It is a specific mobile solution. So I cannot make that recommendation to them.

I find that in UX design it is the little thing that make the difference. At least that is the world I live in

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ahssan,

Thanks for sharing more detailed instructions. You still mentioned the Apple "Done" button - and that piece is what I mentioned in terms of how the iPhone will open the videos which Storyline can't control.It is interesting to find out that the triggers can still work if that video was on a slide vs. on a layer - so that'll be good information to have. 

ahssan moshref

Yes I can,
Let me export a mini version of it. As the entire course is large.
If I don't get it today I will send a copy early next week.
Please just remember, content is not for public use.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ahssan,

Just an FYI replying via email includes your signature in the post, so you're welcome to remove if it you'd like by editing the post. Also, if you don't want to share the files publicly you'll want to share using the link here vs. posting in the forums as that is public. Our support team can sign an NDA if needed.