Use a Dial as a Question/ Answer feedback feature


I want to have a learner turn a dial to answer a question, then be given a feedback screen on their choice.

I'm not too familiar with dials nor the details of trigger functions, but what I want is for the student to turn the dial to one item then have a new slide appear with the feedback (slide values function as a trigger).

I can't get the dial to show anything more than one feedback slide, the Wrong. Attached is the screenshot of my set up, any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Victor Edozie

Create the various feedbacks on separate layers and position them where u want them to appear.

Dials have number variables starting with 0 by default. So u can trigger each layer by the number values from the dial. 

I would have asked for the .story file to help you set it up but I'm currently not using my laptop. 

I hope the information above helps

IBAO  Education

Hi Tom,

That's amazing!

Thank you so much for making this effort. I'm not good with logic and rules, so it got all messed up. As I built the original slides on the first Dial interaction, I'll start adding more layers for the rest.

Unless there is an issue later??


I also love the idea of the speech bubble -I'm challenged with space so not this round, but you've gone above and beyond with some tech help & design suggestions!!