Use external spreadsheet to populate varibles

Hello All... I have been tasks to find a way to pull in living external data into a series of Storyline courses that will be used worldwide. The concept would be that every time a learner would take a course, the content would be adjusted by the daily stock market values or weather or anything.

To start, I'm looking for something that would reference a field on a (living per-populated) Google Spreadsheet that would be define a variable in Storyline. I have begun to look through but feeling very lost in the sauce.

I know nothing about Java, but happy to research. Am I going down the right path? Has anyone done this before that has any advice? Could anyone point me in a direction to get started?

Code makes me Dizzy...

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James Esser


I know this was posted years ago, but have you figured out how to exchange variables to and from a storyline 360 file?  I'm trying to build the capability to set a students name/avatar and track scores from one SL file to another without having to re-submit every time I open another file. Sounds like it should be a very simple thing to do, but so far having no luck. Did you figure out how to do this, or a work around? If so, do you have some guidance? It would be greatly appreciated.