Use markers to pause a video using the Visited states

Mar 19, 2015


I want to pause a Video using markers and triggers to add information to my learners. I made 2 tests.

First test (video marker.story), I have added markers, displayed at different moments in the time line, and I have created triggers using the sole state "Normal" of the marker (defaut state) . That seems to work. The video is paused when the marker is displayed.  

But, because I would like to force the learner to display all the Markers before jumping to the next slide, I have added a new "Visited" state to the markers in order to trigger display of the Next Button.

So I did it in the second test (video marker 2.story). However, in this case the video doesn't pause when the marker is displayed. Why is it different ?

I think to have other solutions to pause the video (using cue points for example) but my question is about the markers states. In fact, I don't understand the difference due to the visited state, and I don't know if my tests run correctly or if there is a bug in the first or second or both tests.


Note that if anybody has experience with my needs (force learner to see all markers on a video before jumping to next slide) he is welcomed. 

Thanks for help.


Bonus Add-on : I realize that with the added Visited state of the Marker the Replay button of the play bar no longer works depending of the "When revisiting" option is. So, if you want to remove the Replay bouton or more follow this explanation :

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eric, 

Thanks for sharing here, and I see the same behavior that you and Phil are referring to in regards to the marker's state stopping the pause timeline trigger from working. I'm going to share this with our QA team for additional review. 

As far as your set up to not allow the user to continue until they've visited all markers - do they need to click on the elements or just have seen them? If the latter, you could set it up if the user clicks next to advance based on timeline of the last marker. 

Emily Ruby

Hello Eric,

I believe Ashley was referring to whether or not they would need to click on the marker, or if they just needed to see them appear. If they do not need to actually click on them, you could have the next button appear after the last marker appears on the timeline, via when timeline reaches.

As far as the video pausing when a marker appears, one way to achieve this would be to have the markers initial state as hidden, and have it change to Normal at a specific time, instead of having it moved on the timeline itself. Since the item is set as normal for the initial state, and it appears later rather than the state changing in the timeline, this seems to not set off the trigger.

see if the attached file would work. I have the video pause when the marker appears, then you can click on the marker, then hit play and it disappears via the timeline.

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