use of different states for buttons

Nov 15, 2012

I need help establishing a logic for using states. I want users to click on 4 different buttons. When that button is selected I want it to change color but when another button is selected I want a third color selected. I've used states the states tab to create these states, Normal, Visited, Selected.

How do I take advantage of this using triggers. I know this should be straight forward and simple but I can't seem to think of how to accomplish this. I've attached an SL file with the slide I'm working on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Lucas Connors

Hey Jesse, I think what you want to do is set up a new trigger for each button which will tell it to change state to 'Visited' when any of the other buttons change state to 'Selected' only when that first button's current state is 'Selected'.

This means that you start off with all buttons normal. You click on button 1, which then becomes selected. And then when you click on button 2, button 2 becomes selected, but since button 1 was selected that trigger fires and button 1 becomes visited.

I've re-uploaded your presentation with what I think you were trying to accomplish.



Rebecca Hay

Jesse, I'm going to attach my question to yours because it is similar.

I need to create an interaction where the user makes choices between 3 different types of choices: Color Temperature, Wattage, and Scene. There will be 3 Color Temperature choices, 3 Scene choices, and 4 Wattage choices.

The goal is to have the user click any combination of the choice types (1 of each) and view the result.

Then is they select a different choice in any one of the types, they should immedicately see the result, and on, and on.

For example: they might select Soft White, 60 Watt, Kitchen.

Then they select 100 watt--they should see the change without having to reselect the Soft White and Kitchen choices.

Can this be done?



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