Use of Tables in Storyline 2

I know there's been much discussion on the lack of support Storyline has with table creation. It's a feature I think would be a real nice addition to Storyline. I already submitted my request. I think features get implemented by popularity or demand. 

There are a number of alternatives to inserting creating and inserting formatted tabular data. One option I found was using a table generation tool, such as, includes inline CSS styling. Literally no html or CSS knowledge required. You don't need Dreamweaver or any other html editor.

Once you create your table and enter the data, will generate the source code for you. Just copy and paste the source into an html document and insert it into Storyline as a web object.

There are also other types of tables available on if you're not a fan of web objects.

I have no affiliation with, just like free tools.




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Ali Goulet

Hey Paul-- Really appreciate you popping in to share this suggestion with the community. I'm sure others will find that tool just as useful as you've found it to be!

Submitting that idea for native tables in Storyline over to us as a feature request was a great move! We have eyes on those requests constantly, and the more input received the better. Thanks again :)