Use of text entry boxes in simulations

I am evaluating Storyline as the tool of choice for creating training packages including application simulations.

I am keen to ensure the user's experience is as realistic as possible. 

I have a series of data collection forms in which I want to have trainees enter (prescribed) test into a series of fields.  Rather than press enter after each field, I want the user to click the next field in the sequence (or press tab) and for this trigger to validate the text entered against the prescribed text AND to move the story onto the next slide.

I have tried to set up my simulation to do this, and while it seems to work when previewing individual slides, it doesn't seem to work in a full scene preview; entered text is ignored.

Does this make sense, and can anyone suggest How I can achieve this?

Thanks in anticipation


Edit:  Taking out the jump to slide trigger allows the text validation to work, could it be a clash of events? 

Ignore this - I was making life difficult for myself!  Seems interaction submission of text also moves slide forward!  -  Doh!

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