Use same audio asset on different slide [URGENT]

Hello ! 
(sorry for my bad english, i'm french) 

I have a big problem with a Storyline project :

I want to use the same audio file on different slides but when i export my project Storyline duplicate the audio file. If i have 5 slides with the same audio asset i get 5 exported audio assets of the same file... The exported project is to big.

Please help me !

Thanks a lot ! 

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Steve VE


As far as I understand it, there is no way around this. Unlike Adobe Flash/Animate, Storyline does not use symbols that can be reused throughout a project to reduce file size.

Some potential workarounds:

  • Optimize and try to compress the audio before import to try to reduce its size.
  • Upload the audio to a web server and use a webobject to load it. You'd externalize the audio and be able to reuse it. But you'll likely run into synching issues as the external audio might take a bit of time to load.

Hope that helps.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Felix -- Thanks for your question, and sorry for your troubles! May I ask if you are working locally as described here? You may also want to check out the troubleshooting steps here to see if you find improvement. If not, as you stated the matter is urgent, I wanted to note that you are always welcome to reach out to our Support Engineers immediately via this form, as well. 

Félix Medioni

Hello Steve, Hello Christie !

Thanks a lot for your support, it's a real pleasure to have this forum with people like you who care about user's issues :) 

I found a solution to workaround my issue : 

I put all my sound on a Masterslide then I do a variable trick in each slides to play the correct sound for each one. It's work perfectly :)

Thanks again for your support :)