Use SCORM_RecordInteraction to set a score or response

Hi all, 

I been trying to use this scorm function

function SCORM_RecordInteraction(strID, strResponse, blnCorrect, strCorrectResponse, strDescription,
intWeighting, intLatency, strLearningObjectiveID, dtmTime, scormInteractionType,
strAlternateResponse, strAlternateCorrectResponse)

this way

var result = lmsAPI.SCORM_RecordInteraction("TextEntry", 'sample sample',true ,"" ,"" ,"" ,"" ,"" ,date , "fill-in");

but I get the following error

actionator::exeJavaScript - Cannot read property 'LMSGetValue' 

and I think the issue is that I am not sure what is the strID ? I been trying to search the net for 2+ hours and no luck. Any insight of what am I doing wrong?


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