Use short serie of hotspot questions as one execise

Hi there, I am looking for a way to make short series of eg. 3 hotspot questions that a candidate should do as exercises in a quiz. The outcome of the 3 should be rewarded as one score. I could make a lot of questionbanks but I would like to do it in the same question. Now you can only add one slide/one score. It is a software simulation quiz I am building where by the candidate needs to make some clicks. Hope I am clear. Any suggestion is more than welcome

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John Pieterse

Hi Michael, thanks for reaching out. And yes they are. I read some more of the fora and what I am actually looking for is a way to make groups of questions that act in the same way as you can do in Quizmaker. SL came with question banks which have other advantages but miss the grouping option. And in the old days I would have bought a stand-alone Quizmaker but I now have to pay a huge sum for the whole package Studio'13. But after doing some research I noticed that I'm not the only one missing a group option :-)

John Pieterse

Hi Ashley, long time ago and thanks :-). No, locking is not an option. In the I want a candidate to click on 3 hotspot slides in a row, giving answers A, B and C. The score should treat it as one question. It is, to my opinion a valid, question of one of my clients as it is a software simulation test. It makes sense to ask a candidate to perform a certain action consisting of multiple clicks. To my opinion you can only achieve this in Quizmaker by grouping. Correct me if I'm wrong?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Ah, one question - that's the piece  John! Storyline and Quizmaker only allow for one question per slide. So if you're in need of a user clicking on multiple items on a slide and prefer that they do so in order you'd need a bit of a custom set up to do this.

Storyline would give you a few more options to do this through the use of layers, variables, etc. but I'd be really interested to see what (if anything) you've set up in Quizmaker. If you can share that example here, we can figure out the what other methods may be available to you! 

Storyline also has the screen recording method to turn it into a Test mode. Again, each click or user interaction would be treated as a separate slide/score but it would appear a bit more seamless as the background of what the user is clicking on may not be changing. Take a look at the information here.

John Pieterse

Hi Ashley. 

Sorry I wasn't clear but I don't mean multiple questions (or hotspots) or one slide. I recently saw a great example of that on this forum using variables and layers. What I want is a set of locked questions as one group. This comes near

In such a case this would enable doing a number of questions whereby the score could be set on the last slide, Sorry if it seems a bit mixed up. Don't have Quizmaker because it is now part of Studio 13.