Use trigger to change state of shape from hidden to normal

I have a course that I am in the early stages of building. The concept is to show one item for the user to click and then view that information. After they view the topic, they will return to the Main Menu. 

I want to have a trigger show the second topic since the first is visited. As they learner goes through each section, they will "unlock" the next section, but I also want to give them the opportunity to go back to prior topics to review without losing their place in the training. 

I have set the state of the shapes for each topic to start as hidden, and added the triggers to show the topic IF the prior topic is visited. Unfortunately, it is not working as I wanted... the topics are remaining hidden... Any ideas of what I might be missing?

I have attached the Storyline 2 example if anyone might be able to shed some light on this for me. 



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Walt Hamilton


The visited state is not all that stable, especially if you visit another slide (as opposed to just a layer). They are even worse, if that visit involves additional branching. Variables are a much more reliable and persistent method of tracking where a user has been.

Here is a sample that uses variables to do what I think you want to do. It uses jumps to layers, or jumps to slides, and may include a few other concepts, but is documented. If you have questions, just ask.

Brandon Tanguay

Thank you Walt. I did try your advice, but I am still stuck... Perhaps I misunderstood?

I added a variable, Topic1. I used text %Topic1% to see that the variable changes from False to True. and I added the trigger to show Topic 2 IF the variable, Topic1, is true. Although I see that the variable has changed, Topic 2 is still not showing... Did I miss something? 

I have also tried using a slider to set the variable to see the variable adjust, and this did not yield a result either... 

I have included the file with the updated variable as well. 

Brandon Tanguay

Figured it out! Thank you Walt for getting me pointed int he right direction. I just had to think of it from a different angle. 

Instead of trying to unhide the shapes, I used the triggers to hide the shapes. 

It seems that there may be some hierarchy that uses the hidden state always regardless of the trigger if the initial state is set to hidden. So instead, I set the initial state to "Normal" and then used a trigger with the variable to change the state to "Hidden" at the start of the slide. I set the variable with True/False, False being the initial state since the prior topic was not yet reviewed. 


After the learner views the information from the topic, they have to click next to return to the menu screen, so the next button has a trigger to change the variable to True. Since it is True, the action from the trigger on the Main Menu slide to hide the shape will not be performed. 

Another thing I learned that may be helpful to someone else - the order of the triggers matters!

When setting the trigger to change the variable to True, it must be before the trigger to jump to another slide. When I had it reversed, the trigger to jump slides was performed, but the variable was not changed. So it seems that once it leaves the slide, any other triggers pertaining to the same object are not carried out. 


I have included an attachment of the updated file in the event it can be helpful to someone else.