Use Up/Down arrows instead of Tab key for navigating content within slide

I'm building a course in Articulate Storyline 360 and publishing that in Flash only output. But while testing it with JAWS reader v18, the up/down arrow keys are not working to focus the content within slide. I'm aware that Tab key is used to focus content or UI element but I still want Up/Down arrow keys to navigate content.

Can it be possible to make this work in Storyline 360 + JAWS reader?

I'm actually working towards A and AA level of accessible course.

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Noel Sapp

My guess is that he means when you place any image or insert a shape, those objects by default are checked ON for accessibility and have a generic Alt Text of the object name. Like if you insert a rectangle as a background shape, the Alt Text might be, "Rectangle 23" or whatever default name is applied on creation. So, you need to right-click that rectangle shape, click Accessibility from the context menu, then uncheck the alt text to be ignored.

If you have a lot of these shapes/images/whatever throughout, you really need to be on your toes to catch them all if left checked on.

Interesting idea.