User Accessibility Features for People with Disabilities??

May 04, 2016

I am currently looking for ways in which we can make our e-learning more accessible to those with disabilities.

Has anyone built an Articulate presentation that has to cater for people with disabilities? What would you suggest a good feature to utilize for people with memory limitations (...maybe cognitive issues as well)?

I am trying to create a project to present what/how Articulate Storyline 2 is effective and valuable for that purpose?

(NOTE: I have already reviewed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.)

Thanks in advance,



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Crystal Horn

Hey Michelle!  Thanks so much for this awesome conversation.  It sounds like you've already seen our general article on accessibility.  In addition to our Storyline forum, a great spot to gather insight would be our Building Better Courses forum, where folks swap ideas and course demo's to help each other out.  Definitely post over there too for more traffic from your peers!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michelle! 

It appears that your question is wanting some user feedback/ideas and I do believe that is what Crystal was sharing with you here. Not a particular thread for reference, but just that the Building Better Courses forums tend to be more design related and you may be able to pose your question there as well.

I'd also advise that you utilize ArticuSearch as well as it may help you in your searching.

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