User adapts its own answer

Aug 16, 2013

Hi there,


I'm setting up a course and wondering if it possible to do the following:

I would like to ask the user to fill in how he would approach a situation.

Then, I would like to give the user the theory behind the story.

At last, I would like to give the user the chance to adapt his answer.

Is it possible to let the user fill in a textbox, and then show it on a new slide where he can adapt his own answer?

For my approach (what doesn't work) :see my three files.

I hope somebody can help me.



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Garth Yorko

I did something similar in a goal setting course.  The users would enter their manager's goal, then build their own based upon the goal of the manager.

There were 4 points that made the goal a good one, and the end user could build or modify based upon further reflection. 

Preview the attached file.  Then disect the variable and you'll see how I did it.  You were very close to what I did.

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