User cannot advance to next slide until Audio completes AND all objects have been selected

I have a slide where audio is playing in the background. While the audio is playing, the user must select each (there are three total) shapes to learn more.  Once the audio is finished and the user has selected all three shapes, the next button should appear, allowing them to advance to the next slide.  I have all my triggers set up correctly for my shapes.  I also have the initial state of the "next" button as hidden.   I obviously have not done something correct with my "Next" button. Currently my triggers are:

"Jump to slide / next slide/ user clicks / next"

And then

"Change state of / Next / to normal / when media completes / audio 2 / on condition "  and then I have each of the three shapes listed, joined with "AND" is equal to / selected"

Even when the audio finishes and I have selected all the shapes, the next button doesn't appear.  Please help!


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Michael Shannon

This type of trigger has tripped me up more than once. There are two issues with your setup:

  1. If the media completes before the user has selected the shapes it will never change the state of the next button. If you read your triggers like a story you'll see why. 
  2. The "selected" state is a temporary state. I suggest you create a new, unique state for your shapes and call it something like "completed" and trigger that state when the user clicks it (assuming you're showing a layer after click). 

Without seeing your file or understanding your goals I couldn't give you a clear solution, but I hope this helps you get closer. 

Vanessa Sasser

Hi Michael,

Thank you so much for your help. Your suggestions helped me fix one of the problems.  I changed the state of "selected" to "visited" and now as long as I select all three objects before the timeline ends the next button will appear once the audio completes.

However, if I let the audio complete and then select all three objects, the "next" button does not appear.

I just want to ensure the user listens to all of the audio as well as selects all three objects before they can advance to the next slide. 

Do you have any suggestions for how to make the next button appear if they wait until the audio completes to select each object?

I attached the slide incase that helps. Thanks again!

Walt Hamilton

One way to solve the problem of the audio completing before the user clicks all three objects:

Set Variable audioCompleted to True when audio completes

Then each object gets an additional trigger:

Change state of Next to Normal when user clicks ADC

   if audioCompleted = True

   AND GDC = visited

   AND RDC = visited

Keep your trigger to make Next visible when audio completes.


Michael Shannon

Hey Vanessa. Walt's suggestion solves this issue well. You'll have to do this for all of your buttons. Another way, although I wouldn't necessarily use it for this project due to the length of the audio, is to keep the buttons inactive until the audio completes. Then you're only using a trigger for the button interactions. 

Side note: you could have decreased your level of complexity by using slide layers instead of button states for your interaction. But there's more than 20 ways to do something in Storyline ;)

Vanessa Sasser

I'm sorry, I think I spoke too soon.  The help that Walt gave me did fix the problem of the "Next" Button appearing after the audio finishes AND the user has selected all three buttons. 

However, now if the user clicks all three buttons before the audio finishes, the next button appears and allows them to go to the next slide, even if the audio has not finished. I don't want them to be able to do this. I want the audio to finish as well as all three buttons selected before the next button appears. Do I still have the triggers wrong?

Thank you!