User clicks video frame: video playback frame "freezes" but timeline continue to run normally

May 10, 2016

I need help trying to stop an abnormal video behavior.  Normal behavior (controlled by the seekbar & pause/play button) will pause the video and course progress.    But, our course player also allows the learner to click directly on top of an active, embedded video during playback.  When "clicked" the video "frame" freezes at the point where the learner clicked on the video frame, but  Articulate Storyline play continues to run normally.  

I cannot figure out how to turn-off the hyperlink that is allowing the learner to click and freeze the video frame.    I am including an image as an example of this unwanted playback behavior.  Active hyperlinks in a video frame are not covered in the adjusting video properties tutorials ...(or I am missing it).

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Tom Doyle

I will send the Articulate ZIP file used to load the course to our LMS, un less you need other files. It will come separately using your links.

Thanks for the offer of assistance.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tom -- First, I'd like to note in case you weren't aware, reply to a forum notification via email will post your signature publicly here in the thread. If you would like to remove that info, please use the EDIT button beneath your post. 

And regarding your file, it would be preferable if you were able to share the .story (or source) file rather than the published output folder. Please send that along via the form above and we'll be happy to check it out! :)

Tom Doyle

Thanks for the ideas.  But, I'm not sure that masking over the video with another kind of "treatment" is a best-in-class solution.  There must be something better.  This is serious issue.  Additionally, I need a solution that won't require non-value added process/step each time I have to embed a video into a Storyline project.  Working on it with Support.  

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