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Feb 13, 2020

Is there anything on the development map to provide users to set permissions on a presentation? It would be helpful if an individual user could set permissions such as:

- whether closed captions display by default
- caption size, font, colour
- default audio levels
- whether timelines automatically start when slides advance (helpful for users with screen readers)
- whether player navigation is displayed as icons, text, or both

even things like colour contrast, fonts on slides, etc. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Kyle!

Absolutely, I'm happy to share more details on each of the features you've listed.

First, we do have a feature request for customizing the font, color, size, and placement of closed captions.  Closed captions will display by default when the Player.DisplayCaptions variable is set to true. This variable is already built into Storyline 360, so you'll just need a trigger to adjust the variable.

I haven't seen a request for default volume, but I'm happy to add a feature request on your behalf. Would you mind sharing more details on why this is essential?

Timelines automatically start on a slide, If you're using audio on your slide, then the best practice is to make the audio start when a user interacts with an element on the slide. For instance, add a trigger that says "Play audio when the state of an image is selected".

Lastly, Player Navigation already has the capabilities you've listed. Navigation is displayed by icons, text, or icons and text. Here's a look!

Color contrast can be set on a slide. Here's a helpful contrast checker!

Please let us know if you have any more questions!

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