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I'm using Storyline and have created slides with a mixture of survey questions.  I've set all slides to 'User must answer' and have triggers to 'jump to a different slide' when user clicks the submit button.  My problem is that all but one slide is moving on without the need to select anything.  All slides including the one that returns the message 'you must answer' have the same properties.

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Jenny Roberts

Hi Peter

I think I finally have that problem sorted thanks to a tutorial I found on branching.  I was trying to use triggers to branch which was causing the problem.

I have a new problem now though.  I've loaded my survey from Storyline to our LMS (Moodle 2.3).  The report for the survey shows everything I need, but the question description does not pull across.  Instead the question shows in the report as Scene 1, Slide 1 etc. Is there a way to ensure the full question description pulls across to the Moodle report?

Thanks in advance

Peter Anderson

Hey Jenny, 

Thanks for updating on the first issue - glad you got it resolved

As for reporting the question data, it doesn't look like the actual language of the question is something that we report to the LMS, as noted in this article. Not sure that you'd be able to set that up within your LMS if it's not something we send along. Hopefully one of the more LMS-savvy Heroes can jump in with some kind of JS or other workaround for you...

In the meantime, you're welcome to submit a feature request. Thanks!

Jenny Roberts

Hi Peter

The odd thing is that the article you directed me to also says "SCORM 2004 content also communicates the question text to an LMS", but when I publish as SCORM 2004 it gives me a worse result with none of the questions or content reporting.  The report shows     written where before I had 'Scene#_Slide #_PickOne'.  I've attached screenshots of both reports...

Can anyone help please?


Jenny Roberts

Hi Peter

Appreciate your help and have sent the file:)

Gerry, thanks for the reply.  Yes we tried the debugging and there were no errors detected.  If published in SCORM 1.2 the LMS show's everything but the questions.  If published in SCORM 2004 the LMS shows nothing at all...

Very confusing.