User needs to click on all item one slide before the next button is enabled

Jan 13, 2016

I have created a slide where the user will need to click on 4 images (which bring up lightboxes) before the next button is enabled, using true/false variables. However, upon clicking on all 4, the next button fails to enable (ie state change to normal). The following steps I have taken to achieve this are below:

  1. Create a variable to represent the 4 images (default to false)
  2. Changed the state of Next button to disabled when timeline starts and 
    • variable 1 is equal to false OR
    • variable 2 is equal to false OR
    • variable 3 is equal to false OR
    • variable 4 is equal to false
  3. When you click on the image, the associated variable will change from true to false
  4. Change the state of the Next button "Normal" when variable changes
  • variable 1 is equal to true AND
  • variable 2 is equal to true AND
  • variable 3 is equal to true AND
  • variable 4 is equal to true

Note that I have confirmed that all variables do change to true on click of each image by showing the variables status on the slide. I have also created another variable (x) to change to true when all 4 variables turn to true - the variable x fails to change to true.

Can anyone provide some insight as to what I may be doing wrong? I have a feeling it's the number of variables I am using and the way IF/AND/OR statements I am using as the above functionality works fine when just using 1 true/false variable.

I have attached the working file, please refer to slide 1.6 which has all the triggers.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Andrea

here is one way of doing it - I'm sure other people will have other ways.  It's always a little tricky when you are using variables on a base layer that has a. layers or b. lightboxes as the timeline of the base layer never 'restarts' so I find it harder to control what I want to happen.

I use offstage shapes. I created 4 that have a normal and visited state.  I change the state of each shape to visited when each corresponding pic is clicked.  Then I change the next button to 'normal' when the state of 'all offstage shapes' are visited.

Hope that works for you.

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