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Oct 01, 2014

Before I put my question I would just like to sing the praises of this outstanding software, it an an absolute delight to find that my work involves an oppotunity to use it!

My question:

I am using Articulate Storyline 1.

I a publishing for the web as I do not need to track user's progress or their completion of the course, (I also have no access to an existing LMS and funding is insufficient at this point for Articulate Online.

My organisation requires that the course users are all given individual password access to the course.

The best solution I have come up with at this point is to use a Joomla installation as a portal to the course and manage membership via that, is there a better way that you can suggest (Perhaps something within the Articlate software itself that I have not yet come across)?

Many thanks for any advice or pointers that you can offer.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anna and welcome to Heroes!

I'm glad you're enjoying Storyline so far and thanks for the feedback as well!

In regards to the password issue, there isn't anything within Storyline that would allow for an individual password for each user, as it's typically handled by the LMS or hosting platform. I have heard of other users previously, who utilized something like a "fill in the blank question" type as the first slide - that will allow you to have up to 10 correct responses - so it wouldn't be different for everyone, but could be somewhat randomized - or at least let them think it's somewhat random.

I hope other community members are able to weigh in here as well!

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