"User presses a key" triggers not working in screen recording slides

Howdy folks,

I'm getting some bugginess in a series of slides I created with the "try it" function of the screen recording feature. Several of the steps in the process require users to press a key combination, and while it works fine and the slide progresses when those keys are pressed in some situations, in others it just refuses to work. I've even removed the freeform, and then gone in and added a new freeform with the desired key combination, and no luck. Either the action isn't being submitted or not being read right or something. Anyone had any luck getting through a situation like this?

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Anneke Garcia

I've done a little more testing, trying to set the "correct" answer to something totally different and have it jump to the next slide upon a wrong answer, etc., and it looks like it just doesn't want to "listen" for Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, or Ctrl-V. Is this a feature rather than a bug? If so, I'm not so sure what else to do in this part of the demo.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anneke!

Some keystrokes are common keyboard shortcuts for web browsers—for example, F1, Alt+D, and Ctrl+T. Because learners view published courses in a web browser, some keystrokes could result in unwanted behavior. We recommend testing your published output before deploying it to ensure it works as you'd expect. You may need to adjust some of the keystroke requirements for your interactive elements if there's a browser conflict. See this article for more information.