User registration form with dropdown and mandatory fields

Nov 19, 2013

Dear all

I'm struggling with a slide I want at the 2nd position (after title slide) of my eLearning preso.

To make results and user locations trackable in our environment, I have to build a slide, where the user should give us some information. It should have free text and drop down lists.

Here are the fields needed:

- Name (free text)

- Surname (free text)

- Role (free text)

- Department (drop down)

- Country (drop down)

Don't need to save the information after closing the presentation. 

Plus: Filling out the fields should be mandatory. The presentation should only start, when all fields are filled out.

I really struggle with that. Can anyone please help?

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Rodolfo Moreira

Thanks so much for this. It could save my staff some double work with a registration piece. I am waiting for my administrators to complete the approval process to purchase an Articulate Online plan. I did get a chance to play around with it during the trial period but didn't have anything like this to try out.

Will this sign up form auto populate in a way I can report out who has registered and the info they entered in each field?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Rodolfo and welcome to Heroes! 

That form looks like it'll provide information on what the users have entered, but it won't register them within Articulate Online. 

There is also a Guestbook feature of Articulate Online which allows you to prompt users viewing your content for additional details about themselves. You can also include survey-type questions by customizing the questions you ask. A Guestbook can appear in front of any content item you'd like.

If a public viewer (not private user) accesses your content, you can also leverage the Guestbook feature to collect names that will appear in your reports about your content.

Rodolfo Moreira

Thanks Ashley and I am becoming a bigger and bigger fan of your products everyday.

I am familiar with the "how to" manage users with AO. I am really just waiting to see here now or in AO later, could be days, will I be able to see the information they have entered and what would it look like.

Could I run a report for what everyone entered into one course that I invited 20 people to?

You guys rock!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rodolfo,

If you'd like to use that .story file linked above, you'd need to report the values of those variables to a question slide using a method such as this one.  Then you would be able to run a questions/detail report on their answers. I think it's a 10 minute delay in AO for the data to be available. 

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