User's "Name" text entry missing when resumed where left off

I've personalized my course by having my learner enter his or her name in a text entry box. This variable shows through out the course encouraging the learner by name and providing personalized feedback. If they exit the course and chose to resume where they left off, that name data is missing on all remaining personalized slides. Is there a way to ensure the data is "remembered" or is this the expected behavior upon exit and resume?

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Marilyn Bender

Slide properties are set to Automatically decide. The trigger for a data variable defaults to -- "when control loses focus."  I don't see where I have any option to change that. This slide is in the beginning of the course. If they leave the course and then resume where they left off, they will not encounter this slide again. Is there a way for the course to remember that data value or is that an issue with SCORM and the LMS as Phil suggests?