User select combination of two objects out of four objects to branch to layers

HELP!  We are building a course where, I have a two sets of doors, and the learner needs to choose one door from each set.  Depending on their choice, the slide should move/jump to a layer (or other slide, if that is easier).  What is the best way to set up the slide to do this branching? 

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Walt Hamilton

I'd make each set of two doors a button set, so if one is clicked (selected), the other is not, depending on your needs. Make sure each door has a Selected state (if you don't need a visual indicator, creating the trigges will probably give them a Selected state that looks like normal state.  Then the triggers look like this:

Show layer1 when user clicks Door1 if state of Door3 is selected.

Show Layer2 when user clicks Door1 if state of Door4 is selected.

Each of the doors needs these two triggers, with appropriate number changes.

Any questions, ask.

Walt Hamilton

Select the two doors, right-click, and choose Button Set. It makes the selected objects into one set, so only one can be selected at a time, and selecting one deselects any other of the set  that is selected.

It is something you would want to use only if you want to limit the learner to selecting only one of the two.

In the video, I also gave the doors a different appearance to give a visual indication of which ones are selected, but if you don't want that, the Selected state can be a copy of the Normal state.