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Jan 17, 2014

Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks to the folks at Articulate for such a great product AND for such great support in this forum and in the tutorials. This is my first post because it is the first time that I could not search and find the technique for what I want to do.

My aim is to have the students select certain parts of text to demonstrate that they understand important themes that I will have demonstrated. I have learned how to import text into a scroll box. However, from initial appearances in the preview, it looks like the student cannot select text. Even if the student were able to select text, I'm not sure how I would evaluate her/his understanding.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Bill Campsey

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Kristin Shantz

Hi about with a hot spot question?  I'm not sure exactly what you want to happen in your scenario, but let's say you are giving them a paragraph to read and want them to select a certain word.  If you ask them to click on the word they believe answers your question, and you set up a hot spot question, you can track and measure their results.  Then all they have to do is click somewhere on the word.   

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Bill and welcome to the community - well, welcome to the poster side :D

Thanks for chiming in Kristin!

I also wanted to just stop by with a quick suggestion. I was working on a project recently where I needed to have selectable text as well. Now, with normal fields, unless entered by the user, they cannot select it. 

What I did in the end was create and insert an HTML web object that contained the text I needed. I created a very simple HTML file, uploaded it to a server and inserted the page as a web object. By doing this, the content is selectable and you can copy/paste the text. 

You by no means need to be an HTML master for this, I'm certainly not :) If you can make a very basic page with text, you should be able to set this up and insert it into a slide with your questions. 

Let me know if this is something you'd like to try out - I could provide a quick example if you'd like. Though, I'm sure there are those here that may be able to whip up something a little more HTML-beautiful, I could try and help with the basics.


Bill Campsey

Kristin and Christine,

Thank you both so much!!

Kristin, creating a series of hotspots was something I had thought of. I will ask the users to critically evaluate a complete document ... in this case, a military order. I will ask them which sentences in that document meet a certain criteria. I think that to use hotspots, I'd have to create a heck of  a lot of wrong answers just to make the right ones available. This would be especially frustrating since I will need to create this course in both English and Ukrainian.


I'm game! I will not get to this part of my storyboard for a few days, But, I'd sure like to begin learning how to do it as soon as possible. Perhaps I could send you the order that I will use with the correct bits highlighted in MS Word.

You guys rock!


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Bill,

I'm interested in seeing what Christine has come up with as well.

Also, in case it helps, I wanted to point you to this thread "How do you enable Learners to edit text you provide"

There are a couple examples here. I found the one by Jeff Kortenbosch particularly intriguing, although I don't know if it will work for what you're wanting to do.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi all! :)

I really like the thread that Becky shared - and I agree, Jeff's suggestion is pretty awesome. Have you taken a look at those suggestions?

Now, for my suggestion, you'd need to be able to create an HTML file and upload that a server. In that file, you could add text - but again, I wouldn't be able to tell you how to do anything supah fancy - just text. Now, from here, what learners could do is select a line of text in that page (that's pulled in from a web object) and paste it into the text field where they would need to submit their answer. 

Here's a very rough, but quick example:

Quick Example for Bill

Also, keep in mind that web objects will display on top of your other content. So, you'll want to resize it well enough on the slide so that this content doesn't block the rest of your prompts, etc. As you can see in my example, I made the object space pretty small and moved the feedback prompts. 

Now, you can always include more line breaks and make the object smaller - or you can even make it larger. If you have a lot of content and you don't want to fight with the web object covering other content, you could put it into a new layer and have learners open that layer to review the text, copy it and then return to the base layer for the question. 

You can get even fancier (yep) with font colors, etc., if you need it to stand out even more. 

I'm attaching the example file to this response, I'll attach the index.html file for you as well in another post.

I hope this helps!

Christine Hendrickson

Becky and Bill,

I wish it were more elegant, but I'm certainly happy to hear that it helps!

I also wish I had more time to play with this as a project and example, but it's been a bit busy. I'd love to see your project, Becky, when it's done! 

Let us know how the project goes Bill - and if we can be of any assistance.

Have a great day and good luck :)


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Christine and Bill,

Bill, I'd love to see a sample of how you're using this. In your first post you said, "My aim is to have the students select certain parts of text to demonstrate that they understand important themes that I will have demonstrated."

When I teach F-F (or when I used to) I'd always try to use guided learning: present information and then ask questions in a way that allowed Learners to analyze what they'd learned and apply it.

So, I"m always interested in learning how others are doing that and how to use it in eLearning. Looking forward to seeing what you're up to.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Becky and Bill,

This just occurred to me - if you only need one line of text selected, you could also use the same method I suggested, but scale the web object down and place it within a body of text. 

You'd want to make sure, of course, that you have the same formatting, etc. to make it fit in with the body of text. 

Using a smaller, one-line object would certainly cut down on the web object overlap. 

And I totally agree with Becky - I'd love to see your project when you're finished!

Hope you both had a great weekend and have a great day! :)

Joseph Flanagan

I haven't had time yet to look at Quizmaker 13, but is it possible to have multiple hotspots in a quiz (I believe it isn't in 09. I would be doing something like this myself, it it were possible. 

(If people were interested in how you would do this, there are several scenarios. Imagine that you want to teach someone how to do a qualitative analysis. You could ask them to select all the stretches of text that relate to a particular theme. Or say that you are teaching grammar, and you want students to identify all the NPs in a clause: that is, in the sentence, "the mouse ran up the clock," you wanted them to select "the mouse" and "the clock." I haven't found a way to do something like that. (And I'm willing to learn Storyline if that would allow me to create a quiz like that). 

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Joseph,

While it's not quite on the same topic - you can add multiple hotspots in Quizmaker '13, just not multiple correct hotspots. So, you'd be able to select one correct area of text and one incorrect. 

In Storyline, you could certainly create something like this pretty quickly, however. If you haven't already, you could always download the free trial and give it a shot :)

In Storyline you could have learners select multiple hotspots within a segment of text and have those multiple selections considered "correct". The default hotspot quiz is the same as Quizmaker, in that only one answer can be correct. However, you could add hotspots to a freeform "Pick Many" quiz instead. Note: You could also use this quiz type in Quizmaker '13 - but you won't be able to add additional triggers/states to show what hotspots were selected. 

Here's a very quick example:

Example For Joseph

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