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Bruce Graham

Hi Melanie, and welcome.

I think the answer to this is "yes", there are many things that you can do to manipulate the way users interact with the player.

May I ask a question...

What is it that you DO want them to do?

By this, what I mean is once they have got to a slide, is there something specific you want, or need the user to do, which they are not doing?

If the user is "skipping through" slides, by definition - they ARE viewing them, (albeit rather too quickly perhaps!)

Hope my probing and questioning on this one makes sense....


Melanie Gaiotti

Right now they can skip through without even listening to the narration.  We want to make sure they at least listen to the narration before they skip to the next slide.  Most of our courses are done in Studio but we are trying to put some in storyline so that they are viewable via an i pad as well. 

Bruce Graham

OK - thanks

Darned users

One way to do this is by inserting a shape off screen, which allows you to decide where it appears on the Timeline, (even though it is not seen by the learner...)

You can then for example, make the "Next"" button state change from Disabled to Normal based on this shape appearing. There are few (?) posts on the forum relating to this, try a Search on "Next Button" and you may find more details.

Hope this helps


Bruce Graham

Annie Jean said:

Hey Bruce,

Got me thinking... the "Change state of next button when media completes" could maybe apply here?

What do you think about it?


Just tested, and works perfectly when using a custom Next button.

Could not see an obvious way to do this with the standard button.


Bruce Graham

OK...no worries...that's what we are here for

So what you would do is to disable the normal "Next" and Previous" buttons (highlight the slides in a scene within the "Story View", and then deselect them  in the "Properties for Multiple Slides" section).

You create buttons of your own, using Insert > Button.

Have a look here at Jeanette's tutorial.

Once created you can just add a Trigger to it ("Move to next slide when user clicks") - and you could add it to the slide, or even the master slide depending on how you want to make things work.

There's a number of ways to do anything, the more you play the more you will find.

Hope this helps -come back and ask if there's anything else you need.


Kevin Mcgrey

Bruce Graham said:

OK...no worries...that's what we are here for

 Once created you can just add a Trigger to it ("Move to next slide when user clicks") - and you could add it to the slide, or even the master slide depending on how you want to make things work.

"Move to next slide when user clicks" seems to work when the button is added to the Master Slide, but I cannot seem to get "Move to next section when user clicks" to work on a Master Slide. Am I doing something wrong is is this not possible? Any tricks here?

Kevin Mcgrey

I have broken the content into several sections and am trying to create a basic paging navigation scheme. I'd like for the paging buttons to logically step the user forward and backward through the course based on the sequential order of the slides. I am tryiing to utilize Master Slides and am having two problems:

1. Configuring the paging buttons to work within a section as well as jump between sections

2. Obtaining logical behavior from previous button

I have two master slides containing paging navigation - One for naving within a section setup as "Move to next slide", and one to place at the end of a section setup as "Move to next section". Naving within a section with "Move to next slide" works but the second master slide instered at the end of a section with "Move to next section" does not.

The previous button seems to work based on the previous slide viewed versus the previous slide in the sequential order. In other words, if the user is viewing slide 10, then uses the menu to nav back to a previous section and ends up on say slide 4, then clicks previous, they'll be taken back to slide 10 as opposed to slide 3. Hope that made sense. Is there a way to make navigation buttons work off the sequential order of the slides?

Bruce Graham

Hi Kevin

Only got time for one quick bit at the moment, but yes - the "Previous" button as standard means "Look at what you just looked at", not "look at the sequentially Previous item".

To do what you want I use a "Master Menu" - see attached .story file.

May be a way to do things if we cannot get you around current problems?